Staybills® Assembly

Staybills® is remarkably simple to use making assembly quick and efficient, saving you time and money. There is no need for tools or harnesses, and assembly and dismantling can be done at a rate of 1 metre per minute with the user remaining on the ground throughout.

4 Main Components

1. The Staybills® Stand

The trestle stand, also known as a ‘tressel’ or ‘bandstand’, incorporates a single or double stabiliser, space bar and pins. Small/Medium stands are 4-scaffold boards wide, whilst the large are 5-scaffold boards wide. The use of a double stabiliser stand, allows a return or corner to be safely implemented.

(Safe Working Load = 450kgs per stand)

2. Post with hook

This fits into the stabiliser of the Staybills® stand and supports the solid or hinged panels

3. Solid Panel

A 1100mm high handrail, giving full steel mesh protection and a solid steel toe-board into one easy panel – no need for brick-guards.

4. Hinged Panel

Uses the same design as the solid panel yet incorporates a hinge which can be hooked open to allow safe loading/unloading whilst maintaining the integrity of the safety system. This allows ground level and platform level workers to work simultaneously, ensuring continued work output.

3 Optional Components

1. Ladder Restraint

The ladder restraint, designed with a ladder safety device to prevent the ladder movement, slots into the top of two chosen posts, providing a secure place to position a ladder for safe entry and exit to the platform.

2. Safety Gate

This is a spring loaded, self-closing gate allowing hands-free access whilst maintaining a closed, and therefore safe, working environment. It has a similar design to the solid/hinged panels, with full steel mesh and a solid mesh toe-board protection, and only opens inwards onto the platform.

3. H-Frame

This is placed horizontally across two Staybills® stands, where the ends of scaffold boards meet, giving anti-flip and anti-trip protection, maintaining a fully continuous and flat working platform.

Easy 4 Stage Assembly:

Stage 1

Starting with a double Staybills® stand at one end, set out single Staybills® stands using the spacer bars to help position, finishing the row or return with another double Staybills® stand. Position the H-frames, lay the scaffold boards and load materials. For the large Staybills® stands, hop-up boards can be provided if required.

Stage 2

Insert Posts, with hooks facing the boards, into each stabiliser. Place the ladder restraint where needed.

Stage 3

Hang Solid Panels first, including one under the Ladder Restraint, hanging any required Hinged panels afterwards, which will allow easy loading/unloading

Stage 4

Secure the ladder, and attach the Safety Gate.

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