About Staybills®

Invented by the User, Proven by our Customers.


Staybills® was inspired by the need for providing a safe and simple system of work. We have been trading for over 10 years, with over 4100 hire contracts and an established customer base. Staybills® was designed to provide employers and users with the compliant safety platform requirements, in an efficient and economical way, and reduce the risk of fatalities, major injuries and insurance claims. Staybills® has proudly grown into an industry leader in safety access systems, branching into other professional areas where there is a need to work at low levels quickly and safely.

Key Features of Staybills®

  • Consists of 4 main components; with 3 optional components
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small (745-1275mm), Medium (1050-1600mm), Large (1575-2230mm)
  • Quick to assemble: can be erected at a rate of 1 metre per minute
  • No need for tools or fixings for assembly or dismantling, saving time and money
  • A variety of scaffold board sizes available, tailoring to your needs
  • Staybills® Truck Edge Protection (STEPS), comes in bespoke, moveable modular unit lengths that can be lifted and positioned quickly with a forklift or crane, ideal for loading or unloading trucks Learn More
  • Nationwide delivery throughout the UK with a FREE competency training/toolbox talk on all deliveries

HSE and new Laws

Fatalities and major injuries in the workplace most commonly occur from falls when working at height. As of 2005, it is now a legal requirement for employers to abide by the Work at Height Regulations 2005. Employers, or those who control work at height, have a legal duty to take responsibility for their staff and must provide them with the right type of equipment which complies with health and safety requirements.

Staybills® fully complies with the updated 2007 work at height regulations, with health and safety inspectors from the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) providing us with positive feedback during Staybills® development.


Based in Warrington, Cheshire, we use our own delivery trucks to deliver Staybills® to wherever you need it, throughout the UK. We handle the deliveries and collections and provide FREE competency training/toolbox talk with every delivery.

Patent and Trademark Protection

Staybills is protected by The Patent Office.

The Staybills® brand is a trademark.


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