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Technical Details & Key Features


Staybills is available Factory assembled or "Bolt-on"

- where we can convert your trestle, tressel or bandstands

Staybills is strong, robust & fully load tested

Pictures show 4m run with over 4.5Te test load


STAYBILLS: 4-Components:

1. Staybill: safety stand with integral stabilizer & spacer tie

2. Post: Fits into the base stabiliser which supports the panels

3. Solid or Hinged Panels: 1100m high handrail, full steel toe-board & steel mesh protection into one easy to use panel (no need for Brick Guards)

4. Ladder Restraint: gives ladder stability & safe access


Technical Specification

• Inexpensive Trestle or Bandstand Safety to WAHR 2007

Full flexibility - any lengths & 3-adjustable sizes –

            Small 700 -1050mm,

            Medium 1050 to 1560mm and

            Large 1500 to 2230mm

• Load tested to BS 1139: pictures above shows a 3.9m run with 4.5Te loaded during testing*

• Fully safety compliant to the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR 2005 & 2007 update) during erection, dismantling and use and the user can stay on the ground at all times

• Side Load or “topple - over” tested to BS EN 12811

• Provides Class A Edge Protection to BS EN 13374 - no need to supplement with Brickguards

• The stabiliser is self levelling and provides full support even on uneven flat ground conditions

• No tools required and no continual assembly and dis-assembly with cir-clips, spanners or wing-nuts

• Invented by the user to be fast and yet fully safe to use



Downloadable file (Adobe Acrobat format)
DIY Bolt-On Fitting Instructions


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