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Safety - Directors responsibility

The Chairman and/or Chief Executive have a critical role to play in ensuring risks are properly managed and that the health and safety director has the necessary competence, resources and support of other board members to carry out their functions.

Indeed, some boards may prefer to see all the health and safety functions assigned to their Chairman and/or Chief Executive.

As long as there is clarity about the health and safety responsibilities and functions, and the issues are properly addressed by the board, this is acceptable.

The health and safety responsibilities of all board members should be clearly articulated in your organisation's statement of health and safety policy and arrangements. It is important that the role of the health and safety director should not detract either from the responsibilities of other directors for specific areas of health and safety risk management or from the health and safety responsibilities of the board as a whole.

Summary of legal responsibilities

The main responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of workers and for reducing risks to others affected by work activities (including members of the public) rests on employers (sections 2 and 3 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974). You need to prepare, and make sure your workers know about, a written statement of your health and safety policy and the arrangements in place to put it into effect.

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